Answering Your Questions About JDI's EOL & Factory Transition Announcements

Posted by Nicole Liantonio on September 14, 2023 at 2:45 PM

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As an authorized distributor of display products from JDI, Edge is your trusted resource for EOL information and updates.

We have received some information regarding an EOL announcement as well as a factory closure announcement. Replacement part numbers for the EOL displays have not yet been announced, but more to come on that soon. Sample availability will also be announced soon.

We have put together a helpful FAQ that details some of the key information regarding this announcement:


Where is production moving to?

JDI will be moving production from the Tottori Fab to a new facility in Mobara, Japan.

Why is production ending at the Tottori facility?

The Tottori facility is a G4 facility, which has lower productivity and cost competitiveness compared to the newer G6 facilities. In addition, the Amorphous Silicon panels are experiencing lower demand from customers. JDI decided to end production at Tottori to better respond to customer needs with the newer Low Temperature Poly Silicon panels at the new facility in Mobara.

Are the LCD panels changing with the new facility?

The old panels, which were Amorphous Silicon, will now transfer to a Low Temperature Poly Silicon, meaning some customers may have to adjust their timing and firmware and/or hardware to support this change.

Which part numbers are being affected?

Updated: September 14, 2023

Please note that each of these part numbers will continue to be in production until June 2025.


  • TX09D200 series - 3.5-inch QVGA (No replacement)
  • TX38D25 series - 14.9-inch HWXGA (No replacement)
  • TX16D206 series - 6.2-inch HVGA  (We will retrieve the TX16D20VM5 & TX16D21VM5 series as the replacement)


The list of items below will go through a PCN/ECN, which will roll out in both Q1 2024 and Q2 2024. The technologies will change, but the part numbers will remain the same:

  • TX16D207 series - 6.2-inch HVGA
  • TX18D200 series - 7-inch FHD
  • TX18D204 series - 7-inch FHD
  • TX23D202 series - 9-inch WVGA
  • TX23D203 series - 9-inch WVGA
  • TX31D200 series - 12.3-inch DVGA
  • TX31D203 series - 12.3-inch HD
  • TX11D201 series - 4.2-inch WQVGA
  • TX14D203 series - 5.7-inch VGA
  • TX14D204 series - 5.7-inch VGA
  • TX18D212 series - 7-inch WXGA
  • TX20D208 series - 8-inch WVGA
  • TX26D207 series - 10.1-inch WXGA
  • TX27D200 series - 10.6-inch WXGA
  • TX27D201 series - 10.6-inch WXGA
  • TX29D200 series - 11.6-inch FHD
  • TX38D203 series - 15-inch HD
What are the important EOL dates to note?
  • EOL Notification - September 2023
  • Last Time Buy - December 20, 2023
  • Last Time Ship - June 2025
What will the Tottori Fab be used for once production ends?

Tottori will continue to be used as a strategic operating center for JDI, leading the design, production, and quality control of another display product line.


If you still have any questions regarding this announcement, feel free to reach out to us.

In the meantime, we will provide more updates in the coming weeks when JDI releases more information.

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