China COVID Lockdowns and the Electronic Component Supply Chain

Posted by Nicole Liantonio on April 15, 2022 at 9:56 AM

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CNBC recently published an article titled "China’s lockdowns could trigger a logistics snarl that may ‘dwarf’ 2020 and 2021". While we are hopeful that is not quite the case, it is important for everyone in the electronics industry to pay attention to.

The current COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai, China have been affecting supply chains in the electronics industry, as outgoing shipments from the city are suffering from delays and congestion.

Due to the lockdowns, shipments of electronic components and other products have been extremely difficult given the long freight lines in harbors around the general area.

As a result, the lead times for certain components, from chips to displays, have increased. However, the production of these electronics has not yet been affected as far as we know.

How Edge is Helping Customers With Supply Chain Issues

We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to solve these issues. As a smaller distributor, we offer very personalized services tailored to your business. With a little attention and creativity ahead of time, we can mitigate supply shortages across many product lines as they arise. And when situations like this occur, we can get even more creative to fill your other shortages.

Two of the product lines we are having tremendous success with helping our customers second source are AC-DC power supplies with our supplier Mornsun and FPGAs with our supplier GOWIN.

If you'd like to work with us to prevent future supply chain disruptions or have any questions, please contact your dedicated sales rep, or reach out to us directly. Let's discuss your inventory challenges and figure out a plan together. Edge is here to help!

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