Combining Micron's Extreme Endurance XTR with the High Capacity 6500 ION

Posted by Nicole Liantonio on August 9, 2023 at 9:30 AM

Micron 6500 ION and XTR SSDs

The latest solid state drive (SSD) releases from Micron - the 6500 ION and the XTR - are both high-performance and high-efficiency NVMe SSDs.

Combining the two enables data centers to reliably scale their storage, control their operating costs, and improve their environmental sustainability.

Cost-conscious data centers who need high endurance and massive capacity while also staying carbon emissions-friendly should consider pairing the two drives to create a high performance and environmentally sustainable working environment at an impressive value.

Micron 6500 ION

Micron 6500 ION SSD

The Micron 6500 ION brings long-term sustainability to your data center with a 5-year warranty backed by Micron, with lower upfront costs that doesn't sacrifice high performance.

This drive requires less power to operate and less cooling, making it a no-brainer for cost and environmentally-conscious data centers since overall carbon emissions are lowered as well.

Micron XTR

Micron XTR SSD

The Micron XTR SSD is designed to provide exceptional durability for write-intensive data center workloads that require reliable caching at an affordable price. This drive consumes lower active power while still delivering more usable capacity per drive.

While the XTR is available in lower storage densities of 960GB and 1.92TB, it is designed to complement the massive 30TB capacity of the 6500 ION.

Operating a data center can quickly become expensive. When the Micron 6500 ION and Micron XTR SSDs are implemented together, these costs are brought down without sacrificing performance and read/write requirements while lowering total power consumption.

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