COVID-19 Response Plan UPDATE

Posted by Amanda @ Edge on July 15, 2020 at 9:50 AM

Our essential personnel are reporting and working to fulfill orders, and the rest of us are available remotely if you require assistance.

This is an update to our valued customers explaining our Coronavirus response plan, from Edge Electronics’ President/CEO, Adrienne Giannone:

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

I hope this letter finds you and your families staying well in these difficult times. Though Edge has been touched more than once by the virus, we are lucky that so far the outcomes have been positive, and we have had no active cases within our facilities.

As people and organizations around the world continue to wrestle with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we must remain vigilant in an effort to stay healthy as well as keep the economy moving. Edge Electronics is an essential business and never stopped shipping for even one day due to the pandemic. We were able to very smoothly activate Edge’s Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan and move to a mostly remote model before it was mandated. Our facility has recently been re-opened to bring additional staff back safely, while taking all the precautions you might expect including sanitization, mask requirements, social distancing, temperature checking, visitor restrictions, on-site staff reduction and then some. I hope you and your organization are also in a place where you are able to do the same and work safely.

Please keep in mind that Edge Electronics’ customer base is highly comprised of mission-critical parts of our economy. We distribute essential electronic components and computer systems to manufacturers of medical, military, industrial, and networking equipment, as well as IT departments and systems integrators. For our MRO & Industrial Supplies division, we support government agencies, first responders, hospitals, higher-ed, and facility maintenance companies with products used to fight the spread of COVID-19. You can rest assured that Edge is prepared for any shutdowns that may arise, and you have our commitment to continue operations while taking the necessary steps to safeguard our employees and our community.

We are still keeping in close constant contact with our suppliers regarding our supply chain to ensure the best possible outcomes. Any potential delays will be relayed to customers as soon as they are known. Customers are strongly encouraged to work with our team to plan for and forecast their requirements as best they can. Even in non-pandemic times this strategy helps ensure a seamless supply chain and mitigate potential delivery issues.

We are all in this situation together, and we hope all organizations will do their part to help prevent the spread of this serious pandemic. Thank you for your business and continued patience, we hope we’re serving you well.

Please contact your Sales Executive to answer any questions you may have.

Be cautious, be safe, and be well!

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