Fingerprint Cards AB's FPC-BEP, a Biometric Software Platform for Payments

Posted by Amanda @ Edge on August 28, 2019 at 11:36 AM

The FPC-BEP - a small, power-efficient, complete hardware solution by Fingerprint Cards AB - is optimizing touch payment transaction speed, convenience, and security. This Biometric Software Platform, FPC-BEP, is ideal for manufacturers of payment cards, wearables, and USB dongles. It can run Fingerprints’ new, optimized algorithm, or a 3rd party one, making it compatible with many applications and projects.

Features & Benefits:
  • OneTouch – sensor is always active, no load time necessary
  • QuickTouch – extremely fast, verifies fingerprint in less that 0.3 seconds
  • EvoTouch– adapts to user’s touch patterns
  • 360Touch – fingerprint recognition at different angles
  • SafeTouch – multiple layers of fingerprint sensor security

Read the full release from Fingerprint Cards AB here.

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