Higher Education Deferred Maintenance

Posted by Amanda @ Edge on May 28, 2020 1:46:52 PM

Seasonal and unexpected school and campus shutdowns can be challenging to any team of maintenance staff. Most higher education institutions have experienced their fair share of deferred maintenance, but when facility managers aren’t able to provide preventive maintenance or secure needed upgrades to systems, roofing, plumbing, or the like, the problem gets worse. Ultimately, these maintenance delays will lead to an emergency that requires immediate intervention and can no longer be postponed. And more often than not, this prolonged problem will be much more expensive to fix!

This is why it is important to utilize unexpected (or seasonal) shutdown time to address deferred maintenance.

As you evaluate your operations, ensure you have the proper tools in place to measure the effectiveness of cleaning and preparing for returning students, as well as keeping your systems running, checked and maintained.

Knowing all of this, we’re constantly refreshing our solutions to help our Higher-Ed Campuses in some of the following areas:

Solutions for Building Systems:

HVAC including - washable metal filters, air circulators, ventilators, thermostats, motors, controls, refrigerant

Plumbing including - water filters, water fountains, lab faucets, drain cleaning/augers, touchless faucets & toilet flush valves

Electrical including - extension cords, circuit breakers, insulated & non-sparking tools, motors, drives, safety switches, switches & outlets

Testing including - thermal imaging cameras, measurement instruments, IR thermometer


Solutions for Restrooms & Locker Rooms

Cleaning including - surface cleaners, hand sanitizers, mops, brooms

Paper & Dispensing including - toilet paper, paper towels, tissues

Laundry including - laundry carts, cleaning carts, tilt trucks

Safety including - safety signage, social distance signage

Solutions for Classrooms & Hallways

Cleaning machines including - vacuums, scrubbers, floor machines

Safety including - fire extinguishers, CO2 / smoke alarms

Lighting including - lighting controls, lamps, ballasts, fixtures

Repair including - couplers / clamps, too belts, hand tools, power tools

Interested in any of the above categories or have a question about pandemic preparation and recovery products? Work with the MRO Team at Edge, a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE), for product recommendations, quotes, availability, and to discuss your current facility needs.

For more on COVID-19 prep and recovery, please check out Edge Electronics’ Guide to COVID-19 Resources & Recovery Solutions.

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