The Top 12 Things Your Distributor Should Be Doing

Posted by Amanda @ Edge on August 15, 2019 at 11:54 AM

Think about the best customer service experience you've had with a distributor. What did they do to stand out among the competition? Did they exceed your expectations by providing a better delivery timeline? Were they able to offer you a pipeline management solution to keep your project running long-term? Are they easy to work with?

All of these customer service experiences are good examples of how some distributors go above and beyond to make each customer's needs a priority. Sure, you can go online and buy parts direct from a number of large stocking sites, but those can't provide the same flexibility and support that an authorized distributor (like Edge) can.

The following is a list of what your distributor should provide, and if they're not, maybe it's time to consider looking for a distributor that can provide the most value-add to your operation!

  1. Engineering Support
  2. Enhancements & Custom Product Offerings
  3. Custom Integrations & Kits
  4. Sample Supply
  5. Inventory Solutions
  6. Shipping & Logistics
  7. Part Sourcing
  8. Convenient Online Tools
  9. Personalized Service, Support, & Accessibility
  10. Network of Leading Manufacturers
  11. Quality Certified (ISO)
  12. Diversity Supplier (WBE)

Topics: Authorized Distributor, Customer Service, Diversity Supplier