Transitioning From Soon-To-Be EOL Micron 2450 SSD to 2550 SSD

Posted by Nicole Liantonio on May 3, 2023 at 9:00 AM

Micron recently announced that the Micron 2450 NVMe SSD will be going end-of-life (EOL), and will be replaced by the upcoming Micron 2550 NVMe SSD.

The Micron 2550 delivers the most advanced NAND technology with outstanding PCIe Gen4 performance and impressive user experience. With its low power consumption and fast performance, the 2550 series provides OEMs with the flexibility to build PCs to their specific needs.

Read on to learn more about the transition process from the Micron 2450 SSD to the 2550 SSD, the key EOL dates you need to know, FAQs from our FAE, and recommended replacement part numbers from the 2450 to the 2550 series.


Micron 2550 Product Brief Image


Key EOL Dates

  • Last Order Date - all Micron 2450 orders must be placed by October 26, 2023
  • Last Ship Date - all Micron 2450 orders will be shipped by April 26, 2024


FAQ with our Micron FAE, Keith Peterson

Our specialized Micron FAE, Keith Peterson, answers a few of the most asked questions regarding the transition process from the 2450 SSD to the new 2550 SSD.

Q: What is the difference between the obsolete Micron 2450 and the new Micron 2550 series?

A: The Micron 2550 uses the new 6th generation 3D 232-layer NAND beyond the Micron 2450 5th generation 3D 176-layer TLC NAND. This new series also provides an improved performance in sequential reads, sequential writes, random reads, and random writes over the previous generation Micron 2450. The Micron 2550 continues to provide the same important features such as SLC & TLC caching architecture, NVMe 1.4c, DRAM-less w/HMB (Host Memory Buffer), Host-Controlled Thermal Management (HCTM), support for TCG Opal 2.01+ & Pyrite 2.01, power loss signal support, thermal SMART data via SMBus, basic management command (BMC), FW activate without reset, and sanitize block and crypto erase.

Q: What form factors and capacities are available in the Micron 2550 product series?

A: The Micron 2550 is available in 22x30mm, 22x42mm, and 22x80mm form factors and comes in a variety of capacity options ranging from 256GB to 1TB. These options provide OEM system designers with the flexibility to build PCs with the right mix of performance, size, weight, and battery life.


Micron 2450 to 2550 SSD Part Number Conversions

Affected Micron 2450 Part Number Recommended Micron 2550 Replacement














Looking for personalized help with selecting the correct SSD for your application? Reach out to us, and we'll get you in touch with Keith Peterson, our Micron FAE, who can provide expert recommendations based on your project's specific needs.

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