Transitioning from the EOL Micron 3400 to the New Micron 3500 SSD

Posted by Nicole Liantonio on January 22, 2024 at 2:00 PM


Micron recently announced that the new Micron 3500 NVMe SSD is in production. This drive will serve as the replacement to the previous Micron 3400 series that is going EOL (end of life).

The Micron 3500, the world's first high-performance client NVMe SSD with 200+ layer NAND, enhances client applications with exceptional speed and performance.

Not only does the Micron 3500 deliver exceptional performance, but it also excels in power efficiency, allowing you to maximize battery life and reduce energy consumption without compromising on speed or reliability.

This SSD series is available in capacities ranging from 512GB to 2TB and features SED or Non-SED options.


Micron 3500 Product Brief Image


Key EOL Dates

Last order date: November 2, 2023

Last ship date: May 2, 2024


FAQ with Our Micron FAE, Keith Peterson

Our specialized Micron FAE, Keith Peterson, answers a few of the most asked questions regarding the transition process from the 3400 SSD to the new 3500 SSD.

Q: What is new in the Micron 3500 SSD compared to the Micron 3400 SSD?

A: The Micron 3500 leverages the same proven architecture and firmware stack as the Micron 3400. The major change was to refresh the product onto the latest 232-layer TLC NAND. As the PCIe generation 4 M.2 form factor NVMe SSD from Micron is perfect for customers that need to have most demanding client applications in professional and scientific computing, gaming, and content creation.

Q: Does the Micron 3500 come with performance benefits over the Micron 3400?

A: Yes! Large performance improvements have been made! When comparing the two different generations of drives at the 2TB capacity option, the Micron 3500 has 400 MB/s faster Sequential Reads than the previous generation. Also, the Micron 3500 is 1,600 MB/s Sequential Writes and 450 IOPS Random Writes faster than the previous generation.


Micron 3400 to 300 Part Number Conversions

3400 Part Number 3500 Replacement Density SED?


1TB Yes







2TB No



512GB Yes



512GB No


Looking for personalized help with selecting the correct SSD for your application? Reach out to us, and we'll get you in touch with Keith Peterson, our Micron FAE, who can provide expert recommendations based on your project's specific needs.

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