Will Edge be exhibiting at Virtual Display Week (SID Show) 2021?

Posted by Justin Giannone on May 10, 2021 at 5:12 PM
Justin Giannone


The 2021 Display Week Exhibition will be Virtual

2019 Display Week Booth

It’s 2021 and the world has changed. We are getting back to somewhat normal, but we’re obviously not there quite yet.

One thing that is still abnormal is this year’s Display Week Exhibition, or as we call it the SID (Society for Information Display) Show. As it was in 2020, this year’s SID show will be virtual.

This is a conference that we show up to year-in and year-out to exhibit our LCD solutions and meet with your, our partners. It is a staple of our display solutions program.


The Magic of Display Week

Display Week 2019 - Booth VisitorsDisplay Week 2019 - Chat

While at the show, you could be looking for an LCD with specific specs or challenges in mind and we would point you to our open-backed demos that show off not only the displays but controller boards, touch screens, custom cables, special coatings, and much more.

You could get a feel for a high brightness display that is perfect for outdoor applications or see the difference in clarity between a typical industrial display, and the newer full-HD, or even 4K resolution options. The viewing angle capabilities were obvious just from making your way around the booth.

We could touch on what is important to your program, be it long life-cycle products so you could avoid redesigns or a specific type of touch screen for your gloved application. We could then walk over to one of our suppliers’ booths to introduce you and talk about potential solutions to your current display design challenges.

The Edge team would learn about new technologies and bring them to those of you who weren’t at the show. Many of the main players in the Display industry attend. It is typically a very productive exhibition for all of us.


So, will Edge be at this year’s event? Yes and No.

Display Week 2019 BannerJDI Display Week 2019

Yes, because a few of our suppliers will have booths that we encourage you to visit. Specifically, Tianma and JDI. Yes, because we will be attending the show and learning about new display technologies and bringing that back to you.

Click here to Register and attend the show yourself.

No, because we won’t be exhibiting with an Edge virtual booth. And because we will miss using those in-between moments to get to know each other a little better.

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But you can still get the Benefits

Tianma Display Week 2019

Even though you won’t see our booth while you browse the virtual aisles this year, the good news is you can still get all the perks. We have display specialists standing by, ready to discuss your project needs with you. We can easily set up a Zoom or Teams meeting with our manufacturers or partners. We have demos or quick-start kits ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Depending on your comfort level, we could even bring "the show" right to your office.

We hope to see you at next year’s Display Week show, but for now, reach out and we’ll get you exactly what you need to make designing your next display application easy.

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